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"Johnson Drive is Dead!"

My top regional concerns as a city council member will be:
- Water
- Business
- Economic Vitality (Net zero development) This includes addressing homelessness and housing which has become an issue of public security and directly affects our business community. Understanding that our business community can increase revenues for the city and diversify our economic portfolio in order to promote sustainability.

Regionally, Water, Business and Economic Vitality will remain our top priorities and as councilmember, I will make it a priority to address rising rent costs to help keep Ventura’s seniors from being priced out of their own communities, to ensure fair property value based housing development along side market rate development and to balance development with our limited water resources and identify opportunities to increase property values using neighborhood master plans.

Understanding that individual district needs must be justified or reconciled against the General budget. I walked the community and this is what residents had to say:

"Johnson Drive is dead so what are we gonna do about it?"
"The City approved sidewalks for Montalvo over a year ago but we still don't have them, why not?"
"I called to City Hall but never get a response."

 "I dont want to see another high rise apartment built here looming over our small residential homes"

"Every development brings more traffic, is that even a consideration with new development and what about parking?"
"No one seems to care about senior needs, rent control has not protected us, please help
Our council, we need someone with vision, ideas and solutions"
"Water is still one of the #1 issues in Ventura, how can we develop with no water?"
"I would like to get an alert about important agenda items that affect my community so I can attend the City Council meetings that directly affect me."
"We don't need another gas station or convenience store. We want a grocery store."
"We have been ignored for years..."
"Our children would be homeless here if not for us."

I plan to Push for sidewalks in Montalvo, Fight for an ALDI’s on the Eastside, Promote the revitalization of Johnson Retail Plazas, question high density, high-rise apartment buildings placed in communities zoned R-1, provide fair oversight during General Plan updates, encourage community collaboration for neighborhood Master Plans and start a comprehensive conversation about how to make the process of rebuilding the homes of displaced families affected by the Thomas fire- fair yet fast.

It will be my priority to respect all our communities residents and I will continue to:
Protect our communities under served populations including displaced families, veterans, seniors and immigrant children. I believe the protection of children is a non-partisan priority and I envision a Community Center at Kimball Park with a pop-up library for seniors and youth.

Represent our working middle class by supporting equitable policies and enforcing residential housing requirements currently in our General Plan

Promote fair and balanced economic development initiatives that incorporate aggressive water infrastructure improvements and traffic studies at our major intersections


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